Yummy Paleo Cookies thanks to Slim Palate


I wanted to share a recipe after lots of requests!  This is one that I am very glad I tried and so thankful for Joshua over at Slim Palate for taking the time to test this cookie out and make it delicious!  You can see this recipe here, cookies!  He has some amazing recipes on his blog and has a book you should check out!  He is only 18 years old and he has been crushing his goals and nailing his 24 hours for awhile now!  His story is great!  He lost over 100lbs and has turned his love for healthy food into a beautiful display of his passion for helping others.  You can see his transformation here.  I am truly inspired by him and the journey he is on, he wrote and photographed a whole cook book and he is only 18!  He reminds me that there are NO EXCUSES and anyone CAN reach their goals and pursue their dreams.  Thanks again Joshua for the recipe and good luck with all your future!

So here is the recipe, for these lovely Chewy Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Sea Salt.   You can just visit the link and his pictures are much better than the ones I did!  But I am attaching pictures below for you to see the ingredients I used in case you are knew to Paleo baking and did not know what these look like!

image (2)

This is the chocolate I used as I did not have any other in the house at the time, but it turned out fine.

image (3)

These are the rest of the ingredients I used.  These turned out GREAT and I loved the chewy texture because it reminds me of REAL cookies.  I  will keep sharing some of my favorites from other Paleo bloggers as I know many of you are knew on this clean eating or Paleo journey!

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