photo-5My name is Brooke and I am a wife, rescue dog mom, and graduate student.  I am studying for my Masters in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Web Development.  I have been overweight my whole life and my eating habits were not very good until about 3 years ago after years of struggling with issues from PCOS and extreme digestive issues, I finally was diagnosed with a severe gluten allergy and dairy intolerance.  I made the switch almost immediately and began my journey to clean eating.  It has been an up and down road but I now eat predominately Paleo/Primal.  This year I finally started to focus more on my fitness, after many years of starting at a gym or a routine and fading out after 30 days.  I finally found what works for me.  Workouts at home work the best for me and I am so thankful to have found Beachbody and their products.  I am currently seeing amazing results with T25 and the 21-day Fix.  I look forward to starting Body Pump soon to bring more lifting into my routine.

I want to be here for people who are overweight, or who are just struggling to get in shape.  This is a place to provide you with healthy meal ideas, workouts, healthy products, and the best ways to live a healthy and happy life.  I love hearing feedback so please feel free to leave me a message!


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