Beachbody Products


Beachbody Products

These are the beachbody products I use or my customers use. I have included information below about each!

21 Day Fix

I have personally used this product and love the portion control eating plan it provides. The workouts are also amazing and really work your full body. People are seeing some amazing results in the 21 days. If you are wanting a good jump start to healthy eating and great 30 minute workouts this is for you! The challenge pack comes with 30 days of Shakeology too and is $160 right now.


Shakeology is an amazing product. I have been using it for a few weeks now and have seen such a positive change in my energy digestion and cravings. There are so many nutrients packed into this shake and very few sugars! Watch the video below for more info!



This is the program I am currently using and am enjoying so much! It is bringing great results and is only 25 minutes a day, which everyone has 25 minutes in their day to give up for a workout. This is a great product to start out with and there are two phases of 5 weeks each, so a total of 10 weeks with the option to buy another 5 weeks round called Gamma. This is fun and by the same guy who did Insanity.


Body Pump/Combat

I have done both of these classes at Gold’s Gym and they are no joke! They work you and you can except to burn up to 600 calories in a 1 hour session. I had been sad that there was not a Gold’s near us so I could keep taking the class when we moved but now Beachbody came out with these classes on DVDs for you to do from your home! If you like kickboxing and MMA then Body Combat is for you! If you want more strength but still to get your heart rate up get Body Pump! I have just ordered body pump and am excited to start my workouts soon (it comes with the weights!).

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This program I started with my hubby back at the beginning of the year but he hurt his foot so we had to put it on hold but I had done 4 weeks of it at that point and really loved it! This is a great product to use once you have done some of the initial weightloss with one of the higher cardio intensive products like T25, 21 Day Fix or Turbo Fire. This program will work your whole body and make you feel amazing! Tony Horton is an amazing trainer and one you must try at some point!

Turbo Fire

This product uses the idea of HIIT (High intensity interval training) and Chalene Johnson is a wonderful trainer! I have only done a few of the classes from here and plan to do it in the future. Many people swear by Turbo Fire and it definitely could be the right one for you!


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