Let me Coach You!


photoThis is why I coach.  I had a coach who inspired me to finally commit to making changes each and everyday!  She still holds me accountable and I love the community of coaches I work with.  I feel that it is essential to have accountability and a sense of community to succeed in a fitness and health program, and that is why I think that Beachbody’s free coaching is such an awesome opportunity.

If you want me to coach you contact me on Facebook at Brooke Markevicius, Instagram @Wifeyonfire, or e-mail: wifeyonfirefitness@gmail.com

Not only is coaching allowing me to meet my fitness goals and helping others do the same, I am also gaining income at a steady rate.  If you have been looking or an easy and rewarding part-time job please let me know!  This is something you can do if you work full time, or even a student or stay at home mom.  I love it and would love you to join my team!


Sign up to coach!  (make sure you see my picture when it asks about who referred you or your sponsored coach!)


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