First off, I am extremely proud of myself for sticking with a workout routine for 5 weeks.  For me that is impressive.  I stuck with P90x a few years ago for 30 days when I was out of a job and got great results, but didn’t continue it because “life got in the way” and it became “too hard to find the time” to complete the workouts.  Well I can tell you this, if you can’t find 25 minutes then you are lying to yourself because you can.  It is going to be hard at first because your body might got be used to it, but you CAN do it.  Today as I finished up with doing Total Body Circuit (the 3rd time this week, week 5 is crazy) I rocked out a good sweat today and didn’t stop at all during the 25 minutes!  Here are some of the changes I really noticed during the 5 weeks:

1. I could barely do a modified burpee when I started and now I can rock them out, although I still hate them!

2. I can do 4 unassisted pushups, and I could do 0 when I started!

3. I can hold a plank for the full time in the different sessions which I think is about a minute.

4. I can do all the different workout moves the whole time except for the super taxing ones that affect my knee since I messed it up.

5. I have so much more endurance!

I have lost 15lbs in 5 weeks, gained muscle, see visible results and feel so much better.  I am excited to start the Beta phase on Monday!  It should be a good challenge and I am ready to bring it and get more results!

I could not have done this and kept going with out the great support I have from my Beachbody coach and all the other coaches I work with.  This fitness journey is one I am so excited to be on and glad I have finally committed to myself and to others!

You can see a video about T25 here, T25 Video.

I would be glad to talk to anyone about T24 as well if you have any questions!


Tooth powder, tooth what?


photo-9 I am a hippie wanna-be and I always am wanting to find the best products that are good for our sensitive skin.  I eat a clean diet so I do not want to be adding harmful chemicals into my body through my skin or it seems to defeat the purpose!  Hubby and I both have very sensitive skin and I try to get gluten free products when I can as well to just make sure I am not getting bad stuff inside me through my pores.  My First post will be about some natural products I have been using for a week now.  The first I will discuss is the
Jason Natural Cosmetics – Healthy Mouth Mouthwash . It is all natural and might have a few more ingredients that I usually want but over all it is really great and leaves my mouth nice and fresh.  It has a very strong flavor but you can feel it working!

The Heritage Store Oral Care Ipsab Tooth Powder is the other product we have been using.  We bought natural bristle tooth brushes and I just wet them and add a few sprinkles of the tooth powder on top and go to town on my teeth.  It totally takes of the plaque, unlike some of the natural toothpastes we have tried.  It has a very unique taste due to the baking soda and other natural ingredients it has in it.  I have heard good things about tooth powder and wanted to try it out.  Next I am going to try the Primal Organics dirty mouth line as well. They are a great company that uses all gluten free natural ingredients to make their products. Check them out and their great testimonials. I will be reviewing their products soon!

The last product I have been using is EveryDay Basic Daily Skin Moisturizer by Aubrey Organics. This product smells of honeysuckle which my hubby likes but I am not so sure I am a fan. It has gotten better as I am getting used to it but not exactly my favorite. It is better than most brands but I still feel like my face needs more. I will be trying Vegan Vegetarian Skin Care Moisturizing Cream by SW Basics next to see which I like the best. I am considering also ordering, Full Mini Kit by SW Basics so I can try out all their products. I will let you know when I try it!

Let me know what organic products you use and how they are helping you?