Transformation (In progress)










You can see my transformation video here!  I have been on this journey to health for about 3 years so far and I have made some major changes from a size 24 to now a size 14/16.  I feel so much better already but still have a long way to go until I reach my goal!  I am not as concerned about the scale as I am with my overall health and body image.  I am seeing great results so far and want that to continue!  Here are some pictures of my current transformation with using T25 by Beachbody and drinking Shakeology.

image-2image-1I feel less bloated and can do many of the exercise moves I could not do even just 4 weeks ago when I started.  I am excited to see my body change and my health improve.  Keep following to see more about where my journey goes from here….

My journey continued and I finished the full 10 weeks of T25 and ended up losing 31 lbs and 33 inches total during my first round.  Check out my transformation video and my pictures as well!

photo1 (3)

photo1 (13)

photo2 (2)

photo3 (4)



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